Frequently Asked Questions

  1. “Where are you located?”
    1. We are located at 9002-75 street, Peace River, Alberta, Canada. We’re on Peace Rivers West Hill, 1 km North on Hwy 743 (Weberville Road).
    2. phone number: 1-866-624-4890, 780-624-9274; Click here to go direction page.
  2. “What are your hours of Operation?”

    Truck Wash Hours are 8:00 am – 9:00 pm Monday – Saturday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Sunday.

  3. “What services will be offered at the facility?”

    Robotic Touchless Truck Wash, Self ServeWand Wash, Convenience Store, Drivers Lounge, Showers, Laundromat and truck parking.

  4. “When will your facility open?”

    Our opening date is a function of construction progress. At this time we are planning a phased opening in the fall of 2013.

  5. “How long does the robotic wash take?”
    1. Pick up/service truck:7-8 minutes
    2. Body job: 10-13 minutes
    3. Tractor/single trailer 12-15 minutes
    4. Super B: 15-18 minutes.
  6. “How much will the robotic wash cost?”

    We will offer a menu of washes applicable to wash desired. Final prices for each type of wash have yet to be determined. The value of having a thorough undercarriage wash, a truck and driver being in and out of the wash in 15 min, as well as any costs incurred in mud handling and purchase of water, will all be reflected in the final price.

  7. “Will there be an under carriage wash system?”

    Yes. Best Truck Stop and Wash will have a state of the art undercarriage washing system. Both the wand wash and the robotic wash will have a drive through Side and Undercarriage de-mudder rinse upon vehicle entry into the building. The robotic wash will have an additional undercarriage wash once the vehicle is parked inside the wash bay.

  8. “Does your truck wash use recycled water?”

    Yes, but it is recyled in a way that is far different from any other truck wash facilities. Best Truck Stop and Wash has invested in a state of the art water recycling system not typically seen in the truck wash industry. What this means for you as a customer, is the water used in all phases of the wash is clean.

  9. “Can I washPick ups in the Robotic wash?”


  10. “Can I wash RV’s in the Robotic or wand wash?”


  11. “Can I wash heavy equipment in the robotic or wand wash?“
    1. Yes.
    2. We have equipped our Wand Wash Bay with “firehose” stations which can be used to remove heavy mud build up that is often found in heavy equipment.
    3. As long as the equipment is no largerthen14’ wide by 16’ tall, it can come into our wash bay. Tracked vehicles must be on a trailer.
  12. “Can trucks with livestock hauling equipment wash in either the Robotic or Wand wash bays?”

    No.Due to the amount of water we recycle, livestock hauling equipment is not allowed into the facility.

  13. “How long are the wash bays?”

    The wash bays are 150 feet long, and 30 feet wide. Equipment must be less then 14’ wide, and 16’ tall to use the Robotic Touchless wash.

  14. “What is your relationship with Best Truck Service?”

    Best Truck Stop and Wash is a subsidiary of Best Truck Service. The two companies operate independently of each other, but are physically located adjacent to one another.