Best Truck Stop and Wash is equipped with a fully automated touchless washing system, specifically designed to clean large trucks that have been driven in both “highway” and “off road” conditions.

Why Robotic Touchless?

  • SPEED OF WASH: Get a high quality wash in as little as 20 minutes
  • UNDERCARRIAGE CLEANLINESS. A clean undercarriage reduces your costs by:
    • Reduced fuel bill – no excess weight in mud, snow or ice
    • Ensures all rotating parts are turning free of any abrasive build up
    • Preventative maintenance is easier to preform, and more likely to happen
    • Mechanics get to work on a clean undercarriage – reducing time in the shop/quicker diagnosis…. And they’ll love you for it!
  • EFFICIENT USE OF EMPLOYEE’S TIME. Why have employees spend 2-5 hrs washing a truck when they can be generating revenue for your business?
  • MUD DISPOSAL. Why pay a vac truck company to come and empty your wash bay sumps? We take care of all the mud removed from your vehicle.
  • CONVENIENCE. Clean your truck at the end of your shift without having to spend hours on the end of a wash wand. Your unit will be clean and shiny the next morning!

Best Truck Stop and Wash also features a Wand Wash Bay. Learn More >